Pictorea Pro 15″ Digital Photo Frame with Remote

This model that belongs to the UK’s popular brand ‘Pictorea’ and attracts many consumers in passion for style and technology.  Pictorea is a brand that been a combination of reliability and quality. Crowning these two features is its sense of fashion and voguish look.

Pictorea Pro 15 Digital Photo Frame works best to entertain lives, share the memories and stores all the memories and fun intact in one place. At the outset, this digital frame is user friendly, high resolution, crystal clear and has state of art technology.

Pictorea Pro 15-inch Digital Photo Frame

Display: Pictorea Pro 15-inch Photo Frame with Remote Control is the largest sized of the brand that measures 15 inches diagonal screen size. The display screen is of TFT LCD display type that has a high resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels and gives a wide viewing angle coupled with rich colour. The display screen measures to 300 x 230 mm.

Design: Putting all the good stuffs together this model takes a rectangular shape that has a red wood border and black insert along with black mount. The control buttons are been found on the rear side with soft touch feature. This model allows displaying the images either horizontally or vertically. They are also capable of being wall mounted or placed on the table. Supported with the remote control gives another reason to own this product. The dimension and the weight of this Digital Photo Frame are 1024 x 768 pixels and 2.2 kg.

Technical Specs:  Well, it also seems to go fine with its technical details to deliver the best possible images and stands at the forefront of competition. The maximum brightness of the screen is 250 cd/m2 and with the contrast ratio of 450:1 takes to the heights of refreshing the memories. The response time is been stated to be as less as 10ms that is quicker than the high-end models.

Memory: The capacity of storing the files for this Digital Photo Frame depends on the type of the memory cards and it has a drive support of up to 12GB. This model is compatible with various memory cards that are Secure Digital (SD), MD, Multimedia Card (MMC), Memory Stick (MS), and Compact Flash (CF).

Supported File Formats: Pictorea 15″ TFT wall mountable LCD Digital Picture Frame supports the various audio, video and image files of JPEG, MP3, WMA, MPEG1, MPEG2 and MPEG4.

Connectivity: With the support of the available USB port transfer of data is easy and it transfers with remarkable speed. It is also been found to have an in-built speaker for audio output.

Remote Control of Pictorea Pro 15-inch Photo Frame

Remote control: Found to have a well-featured remote control that gives all the operations. It is easy to search the files, organize, delete, transfer, speed settings, volume control, various play modes including rewind and fast forward. This not only provides convenient access to the frame but also helps to maintain the frame as new as possible.

Operation: The various operational functions available in this model are

  • It acts as a mini-computer as it displays the audio and the video files without the help of the computer.
  • During the slideshow of the image files, music background can be set with the MP3 files.
  • It supports multi-lingual and makes it user friendly for people worldwide.

Package contents: Pictorea Pro 15 TFT LCD Digital Photo/Picture  Frame comes with the inclusive of Manual, Remote control, UK power cable and adapter and USB extension cable.

Warranty: This model comes with the manufacturer warranty for 1 year.

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Pictorea Pro 15″  Photo Frame with Remote – Specification Details

Manufacturer Pictorea
Model Name Pro 15-inch Digital Photo Frame
Display type TFT LCD
Dimensions( H x W x D) 380 x 295 x 50 mm
Display screen size 15 inches
Resolution 1024 x 768 pixels
Brightness 250 cd/m2 max
Colour/Finish Red Wood / Black insert
Contrast ratio 450:1
Memory Memory card
Supported media card formats Secure Digital (SD), MD, Multimedia Card (MMC),
Memory Stick (MS), Compact Flash (CF)
Supported image formats JPEG
Supported audio formats MP3, WMA
Supported video formats MPEG1, MPEG2 and MPEG4
Wall mountable Yes
Speakers Built-in
Weight 2.2 kg
Response time 10 ms
Package contents Manual
Remote control
UK power cable and adapter
USB extension cable
Warranty 1 year

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