ODYS DPF Touch 7″ Digital Photo Frame

Gone are the days when wonderful memories got lost in heaps of albums quite forgotten in the attic or loft. The new era of digital photo frames create magic in making these pictures come alive and speak a thousand words. Companies like AXDIA International take great care in marketing multimedia products to the international community. With zest in creating user friendly products that are both appealing in style and function, they have come with many innovative goods. The digital photo frames are one such example of their work.

Imagine having magic at one’s fingertips. That is exactly what the Odys DPF Touch 7″ Black Colour Digital Photo Frame crafts on the pictures and takes one down the memory lane. With a fairly reasonable screen for display, this frame brings to life pictures and video to life. With good integrated speakers, music too plays a special role in these photo frames making it more appealing by all means. Let us have a closer look into its special features to know what makes this photo frame so interesting.

ODYS DPF Touch 7" Digital Photo Frame

Dimension and Display:

With a shiny black exterior ODYS DPF Touch 7″ Digital Photo Frame with Touch Sensitive Keypad projects a picture of fashion and style. Sleek and slim with a dimension of 22cms in width and 15 cms in height and 2 cms in depth it is very compact and delightful. These dimensions set a universal appeal and the frames can be used to either brighten up an office or create a personality for a home. The screen is a 7 inches TFT LCD. This TFT or otherwise known as thin film transistor liquid crystal display enables high quality display of the picture where excellent colour and contrast to the detail is illustrated. With a resolution of 480 by 234 pixels, the pictures or video that is exhibited is of very high quality.

Video and Picture Play back:

  • The three main play backs available in this photo frame are the picture, video and music. The pictures are beautifully illustrated with the help of slide shows. These presentations are adjustable and the interval time between the pictures can be well adjusted.
  • Video of favourite moments can be recollected with the help of the video playback found in this frame bringing back fond memories of a special event or day.
  • The music playback adds a very warm touch to the entire presentation. The presences of integrated speakers help accentuate the music making it all the more alluring. So that one   is able to listen to the favourite songs along with the wonderful pictures creating a winning combination that is very appealing to the heart.

Multimedia slots and file formats:

This Odys X810026 7-inch digital photo frame supports a large number of multimedia cards. There is a multimedia card slot that accepts memory sticks, SD cards, compact flash etc. With this wide variety one does not have a problem of compatibility of the photo frame with the other multimedia products. And the transfer of pictures, videos and music is made easy and hassle free. With the help of these memory cards the lack of storage facility is not at all felt. The various sizes of these cards provide with adequate memory for the photo frame leaving the need for an in-built one very negligible.

There are various file formats that are accepted by this photo frame. Music files like MP3 and WMV are accessible in this frame. For pictures JPEG file format works excellently and MPEG does fine for the video input. These stated file formats are easily available thus it cancels out the task of re- conversion to suit the frame making it all the more user friendly.

Additional features:

  • The photo frame is multi utility gadget. It not only acts as an additional music player but also performs the role of a clock and calendar. This photo frame can be used as a clock to see the time or can function as a calendar to display the dates or month of the year.
  • The photo frame can be operated from right across the room with the help of a remote control that comes along with the frame. This enables one to change pictures or watch the video as comfortably as possible.
  • In spite of a remote, a sensitive touch pad too is available in this photo frame. The pad is very receptive to touch and can easily maneuver the functions effectively. The control pad is found in the front panel of the frame itself. Being ergonomically placed it makes it easy to use and simple.
  • For faster access of the pictures into the photo frame, it is enabled with USB-in and video and audio line outs. This helps in quickly transferring the files from the personal computer to the frame. This accessibility makes the photo frame even more attractive to choose from.
  • These frames can be used to brighten up any table top with ease as they are very tasteful to look at. As they are not wall mounted, the supply is from the mains.

In the box:

The package has the ODYS DPF Touch 7” Touch Control Digital Photo Frame along with the remote control, video and audio cable and power adaptor. A user manual is provided with the package for step by step instructions to get familiar with the gadget.

Thus, it can be concluded that this photo frame has most of the features wished for in making these gadgets special. With their multi utility features they serve more than one purpose thus proving to be cost efficient too. With looks and functions that are both elegant and effective they definitely make ones happiest moments last forever.

ODYS DPF Touch 7″ Digital Picture Frame – Technical Specification Table

Manufacturer ODYS
Model Name DPF Touch 7″ Digital Photo Frame
Product Code X810026
Frame Colour Black
Screen type TFT LCD
Display screen size 7 inches
Picture Resolution 480 x 234 pixels
Remote Controller Yes
Time and calendar function Yes
Integrated speakers Yes
Connectivity USB-in / Video and audio line out
Multimedia cards supported Yes
In-built memory No
Photo format supported JPEG
Audio and video formats Audio – MP3/WMV
Video – MPEG
Features TFTLCD 7 inches screen
Slot for multimedia cards
Wide variety of file formats accepted
Video, photo and music playback
Playback mode Picture – Full screen / adjustable Slideshow
Video playback
Music playback with integrated speakers
Power External AC Power Adapter
Wall mountable No
Box contents Digital photo frame
Video/audio cable
Power adaptor
Remote control
User manual

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