Agfaphoto AF5088PS 8 inch Digital Photo Frame

A digital photo frame is a through replacement of the photos being printed and albumed. It is an option for displaying the pictures in a nice way that is rather entertaining too. No more need to store it in the computers too. These frames are great to be placed in homes and offices. Some frames are simple to use and are great to own. There are many up gradations as well which talks more on the technology strength. The brand ‘Agfa’ makes sure that each of its products is produced to suit the lifestyle of people in all walks of life. Like wise Agfaphoto AF5088PS 8″ Digital Photo Frame does impress in its features and functions which are made clear in the following review.

Great Design:

This model is a slim line technology with the interface on the rear side. It is a great go for to be used at homes and offices. The display screen with the size of 8 inches and belongs to the LCD screen type with LED backlit. This device measures 200 x 13 x 160 mm which corresponds to the overall length, width and the breath. The weight is less than 1 kg which is definitely a pro to be used with the wall mounting option.

Display Quality:

The screen resolution is 800 x 600 pixels which make Agfaphoto AF5088PS LCD Digital Photo Frame to be called as the one with the high resolution and definitely the quality of the picture is seen to be ensured. The display screen which measures 8 inches/20 cms is clearly suitable to enjoy those memorable moments in a nice way. The body colour goes with the matt black and in the front panel it is been attired with the black glossy finish. The contrast ratio and the brightness also define the product to be extensive use which is 500:1 and 250 cd/m2 respectively.

Memory – Internal and External:

This model is given the advantage of the internal memory which is capable of storing about 500 images in the format of JPEG. Along with it the external memory slot compatibility is also available which makes it highly functional. With the interface of one memory card slot and a single USB port it is possible to handle many functions related to the display of the pictures. The external memory is compatible with SD, MS, MMC, XD, SDHC and USB card.

Features and Functions:

  • Low energy consumption is the highlight as it consumes less power when on the power ON mode and when it is in the sleep mode it absolutely minimises the power utilisation. Hence it can be put to function for the whole day and throughout the year without bothering the power utilisation.
  • Slideshow mode makes it interesting to browse the pictures effortlessly. More fun to see the picture transform in the set transition effect and the set order of display with the desired interval time between each slide.
  • Crystal image auto picture correction software identifies the picture quality and improves to make it clearer and better for viewing.
  • Stylish design with matt black body and black gloss front is suitable extensively and it makes the user see a clear contrast with the picture and the frame which makes it more appealing.
  • Intuitive user interface makes it simple for anyone to operate and the interface are located on the rear side hence gives a clear neat front panel.
  • Clock and calendar function comes as additional which takes you to the use the device for more than one use. Having it installed any where at home or in office it replaces intelligently the clock and the calendar.


Agfaphoto AF5088PS 8 inch Slim line, Black Colour Digital Photo Frame supports multi language and the user manual is also available in different language and hence it is marketed worldwide. The absence of the audio/video functions keeps in as the basic model and the auto on/off function is also not available.

Agfaphoto AF5088PS 8 inch Digital Photo Frame – Technical Specification Table

Manufacturer AGFA Photo
Model Name AF5088PS 8 inch Digital Photo Frame
Frame Slim line
Colours/Finish Bold black
Dimensions(L x W x H) 200 x 13 x 160 mm
Weight < 1kg
Display 8 inch LED backlit LCD Screen
Screen resolution 800 × 600 pixels
Supported memory cards Compatible with SD/MS/MMC/XD/SDHC and USB card
USB Port Yes
Remote control No
Operating modes Horizontal and vertical
Slideshow with interval timings Yes
Supporting image format JPEG
Interface 5 in 1 memory card reader, USB
Features Low energy consumption
Crystal image auto picture correction software
Stylish design with matt black body and black gloss front
Intuitive user interface
Clock and calendar function
Auto Power Off & On No
Language Multi-lingual
Internal memory Yes – up to 500 images

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