Disney Princess P7200PFE 7 inch Digital Photo Frame

Disney Princess P7200PFE 7 inch Digital Photo Frame is a piece of attraction in the concept of princess which suits the children room and also for the attractive display. Just not the colour but also the design and the concept are attractive. It is an impressive for to see the pictures with the attractive background. The functionality and the features are still competitive so as the design and more on it can be obtained in the following review.

Design Details:

This model has a reasonable size of display and it is a 7 inches display screen. The resolution and the display quality allow bringing out the best in the picture. The controls are present on the rear size. The aspect ration goes as 15:9. This piece of attraction also allows a compact display with not much of foot print consumption. This is an electrically operated device.

Memory and Controls:

This model although has no internal memory,  Disney Princess P7200PFE 7 inch Pink Colour Digital Photo Frame comes with the compatibility of the external memory slots and shows support for the SD and MMC cards. The controls of this model are user friendly and they are present on the rear side. It does not come with the remote control feature and the buttons allows you to set it on/off, set the display mode and organise the files.

Display modes:

The functionality of this model is based on the type of display mode and this model being specialised only for the use of picture display it allows 4 modes of display and they are as follows.

Still images – The display can be set with a single image as the standard background. Only on the physical change of the settings the images gets changed.

Index – This is another function which allows indexing the image files for the easy organising and retrieving.

Slide show – The one interesting option is available in this model is the slide show which sets the picture to be displayed in the set order with the set intervals and the set transition effect.

Clock – The clock feature is an added aspect that gives an instant reference and the alarm function.

Calendar – This feature makes it easy for the user to organise and it is the best gadget on the table.

The display can be set only in the horizontal style as the frame comes with the concept design. The absence of the built-in memory is not a hinge as Disney Princess P7200PFE Compact Digital Photo Frame supports the external memory cards. This device works both for attraction and functions.

Disney Princess P7200PFE Digital Photo Frame – Technical Specification Table

Manufacturer/Brand Disney
Model Name Princess P7200PFE 7 inch Digital Photo Frame
Colour Pink
Display 7 inches
Aspect ratio 15:9
Size Compact
Internal memory No
Card slot SD, MMC
Interface Buttons
Power Mains
Display modes Still, index, slide show
Features Display of digital photos
Alarm clock
Display Positions horizontal

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