Welcome to the site of digital photo frames and we are here to aid you in selecting the good one. The important feature for any digital photo frame is the image quality and this is varies with the screen size and the technology used. For this reason, we have categorized the digital photo frame depending on the screen size such as the10 inch, 5 inch and many more. Furthermore, we know that the controls on the digital photo frames are essential without that none can maneuver easily. Hence, for this reason, we discuss the design and interface in most of the models. Another important aspect is the memory capacity of the digital photo frame. Certain models lack the in-built capacity and hence require external card to support. Furthermore, if you shrink the image resolution to a decent extent, you can store a maximum of 1000 Jpeg photos in 2MP resolution.

You can choose from the models that offer wide range of connection options like the Bluetooth, USB, and HDMI port to connect to TV and even Wi-Fi. To gift the loved ones, you can look in to the key chain sized frames, which despite the size stores up to 100 images. You can select from plentiful of manufacturers.

Agfaphoto AF 5109PS Digital Photo Frame Review

Agfaphoto is now here introducing the high end digital frames. Agfaphoto 10” AF 5109PS Slim Digital Photo Frame of this brand has flawless design and shimmers with the distinguished features each time. The brand offers latest manufacturing technique which makes the brand popular and adorable. The material used is high graded and each of its models has a popular trim and impressive front and rear design. A look deeper into the product is this review.


Well designed is this frame with the innovative appearance that carries rounded and pure lines along with the slim structure. It is one among the slim models available in the market with mere 13mm thickness. The frame has user friendly interface and it adds to the comfort of operation even without the remote control access. One of the appealing factors is the display type of this 10” screen which has the resolution of 800 x 600 pixels. The dimension of this product is 255mm in length, 88mm in width and 202mm in height. It can be easily displayed either in the landscape mode or in the portrait type. The weight of the frame is 935 grams which is even suitable to hang on the walls or display on the table.

Agfaphoto AF 5109PS Digital Photo Frame

Technical Details:

Agfaphoto 10 inch AF 5109PS Black Colour Digital Photo Frame works with a low internal memory which is capable of storing about 500 pictures. This makes a perfect sharing of images and a handy entertainment to view the digital photo album any time with family and friends. It supports the various card readers like the SD, MMC, MS, SDHC and the XD. The USB interface is available with the single slot. Further the display quality is impressive with the brightness of 300 cd/m2 and it gives the contrast ratio of 500:1.

Product Features:

The technology of this model makes it possible for the ultra low energy consumption with a dominant performance which stands as a highlight. The team of this brand has created a zero defect pixel guarantee which made ever user of this model a proud owner as it gives a sterling performance in the display of image files in the JPEG format. It performs to bring in crystal clear images that can be cherished longer.

Slide show mode helps the user to browse through the pictures in the album automatically with the set interval and it also performs with the set transition effect which can also be changed as desired to make it more interesting each time.

User friendly 3D like interface allows you to easily set the programmes and also permits to use it as the clock and calendar mode. Yet another interesting mode that is available to set the frame on function is the ECO mode which means it has 24h on/off time slot programme and hence it automatically goes into the off mode after the selected time.


Agfaphoto 10” AF 5109PS Sleek Digital Photo Frame is surely a compliment for any style of interiors and its simplicity impresses many. Although it is not among the high end models it does bring the competitiveness in the display quality.

Specification Table

Manufacturer Agfaphoto
Model Name 10” AF 5109PS Digital Photo Frame
Colour Bold black
Dimensions(L x W x H) 255 x 88 x 202 mm
Weight 935 grams
Display 10 inch
Screen resolution 800 × 600 pixels
Supported memory cards SD, MMC, MS, SDHC, XD
USB Port Yes
Operating modes Horizontal and vertical
Features Ultra low energy consumption
Zero defect pixel guarantee
Crystal image
Slide show mode
User friendly 3D like interface
Clock and calendar mode
ECO mode- 24h on/off time slot programme
Brightness 300 cd/m2
Contrast ratio 500:1
Internal memory About 500 pictures

Kodak Pulse 10-inch Digital Photo Frame

Kodak always aims to make life interesting with its products and they are specialised in the digital products. This model is just not the usual digital frame but is thoroughly interactive with the connectivity through facebook. Kodak Pulse 10-inch Digital Photo Frame  is highly interactive and is user friendly which makes sharing simply in just the tough of the screen. The touch screen control along with the Wi-Fi connectivity makes it distinguished for use. This review brings out more details about the product.


This model allows you to upload the pictures automatically in just the touch of the screen. The social connectivity makes it interesting for the user. It also has the quick comment button which just communicates in an interesting manner. Kodak Pulse Energy Efficient Digital Photo Frame has 12 default messages stores for the choice of the user. Setting it to use is also simple in mere 3 steps. It lets you share the pictures without the need of any subscription. Above all the factor that takes it to the new heights is the built-in activity sensor which activates the frame on sensing the presence and turns off automatically which proves to be energy efficient. It also has the Energy Star qualification.

Design Details:

The frame works with the high quality touch screen. The display size is 10 inches which is 25.4cm. The bold black colour is an attraction which has curvy corners for easy handling. The size of the product is 296xx, 213mm and 79mm while it weighs 986 grams with the adapter and only the frame weighs 856 grams. The display resolution is 800 x 600 pixels and it is of type aSi TFT active matrix. It also has LED back light which has the brightness of 250 nits and the contrast ratio is 400:1.

Memory and Compatibility:

The internal memory of this model is 512 MB which is also extended with the compatibility of supported memory cards like SD, SDHC, MMC, MS, MS PRO, xD. It is also been supported with the USB connectivity which makes transferring of files simple and quick. The device is been equipped with 2 card slots and a single USB port. Although the internal memory can store more than 4000 pictures in the format of JPEG or EXIF, the compatibility of the memory cards makes the storing of files huge and endless. So it is possible to keep all the favourite memories close to ones heart.

Power and Efficiency:

The power supply required for this product is 100-240 Volts. It works with the operating temperature of 32 to 104 degree C. The power consumption when it is set in the functioning mode is 8.46 Watts and in case of the switch off mode it is 0.31 Watts. It has been qualified for the Energy Star which brings more happiness to the customers. With the help of the activity sensor even the power conscious homes finds it best using this product.

Other Product Details:

The sharing sources are the e-mail, face book and the Kodak gallery. Kodak Pulse 10-inch Wi-Fi Digital Photo Frame gives you the display option of full screen or collage. The special features that keep the product distinguished are the quick comment feature, auto photo enhancement and the perfect touch by Kodak. It also has fit/fill option. Going good are the auto activity sensing and the auto on/off time sensors.

Package Contents:

This product is been supplied along with the power adapter with the plug and the quick start guide. All said this product could mean a lot for those interested in sharing the special moments.


Manufacturer Kodak
Model Name Pulse 10″ Digital Photo Frame
Type Wi-Fi frame with face book and email
Display type aSi TFT active matrix
Dimensions 296 x 213 x 79mm
Display screen size 10 inches
Resolution 800 x 600 pixels
Brightness 240 NITs
Aspect ratio 4:3
Contrast ratio 400:1
Memory 512 MB
Supported media card formats 2 card slots and 1 USB port
Supported image formats JPEG, EXIF
Display Positions Vertical or horizontal; table top or wall
Power consumption 8.46 Watts functioning mode
0.31 Watts in idle and power off mode
Features Socially connected
Directly comment on the picture
User friendly operation
Full screen or collage display
Auto activity sensing
Auto on/off time settings
Energy star rating
Display backlight LED
Package contents Kodak Pulse 10” Digital Frame
Power adapter and plug
Quick start guide

Sony DPP-F800 Digital Photo Frame Review

Sony, the digital mind makes a successful attempt each time and each of its products makes the customers realise that it is what the world really needs. This model is new and conceptual and the best part is that you would not need to work hard to print you picture. It gives a short cut where it the printer works without the PC. The following review gives more details about the product which helps in making the right decision.


Sony DPP-F800 Combi Digital photo frame with printer gives lasting prints of your favourite images without the help of PC. It is also possible to share the images, transfer the files to other devices. The rear side of the frame consists of the control buttons which are the direction, menu, print, back, enter button and view mode button. The switch on button and the stand by indicator are also present on the rear side of the frame. The bottom of the frame consists of the compartment door for loading the paper and on the side consists of the ink ribbon compartment door. The frame has bold black colour finish.

Memory, Display and Design:

Sony DPP-F800 Combi 256MB Digital photo frame is 8 inch which is 20.3cm measurement in diameter makes you feel the right and optimised size. The screen quality is WVGA wide with 16:10 wide tilt angle LCD screen. It also has high resolution panel along with the LED back light.

The memory built-in is 256MB which can store up to 500 images that are saved with 2 mega pixel resolution. It is also compatible with the external memory with multi card slot which supports memory stick, memory stick Duo, SD, SDHC, MMC and xD media.

The design of this frame is with the black colour border. It also comes with the Sony logo in the lower stretch. The highlight here is that the logo is illuminated when it is placed in the landscape manner other wide in case of portrait display it illumination vanishes automatically.

Features and Functions:

PC free printing is the highlight of this special Sony DPP-F800 Remote Control Combi Digital photo frame which lets you make a collection of favourite pictures by just flipping the memory card of the camera into this digital frame and take the print without any need of special skills.

Wide choice of slideshow mode is another interesting factor with gives many options that lets you enjoy each picture and added to it available an attractive clock functions and calendar display which is perfect for office or home tables.

Auto orientation sensor displays the picture in the right manner as it senses the portrait of landscape orientation and displays automatically. USB connector helps to transfer the files and it also makes it possible to connect to PC or other devices. This makes it feasible for quick and easy sharing of pictures.

Alarm clock mode and timer gets to benefit as the multifunction. It becomes and interesting personal frame. The timer function can be put on and off as desired.
Apart from the control buttons on the rear side of the frame the device can also be controlled with the remote control.

Unlike the usual digital photo frames this model is getting into the higher end of comfort line and multi functions. It is almost a great device that any heart desires.

Sony DPP-F800 Specs

Manufacturer Sony
Model Name DPP-F800 Combi Digital photo frame with printer
Colour Black
Built-in memory 256MB
Display screen size 8 inches
Screen type WVGA LCD screen
Remote operation Yes
Controls Yes
Power adapter Corded
Interface USB
Supported media card formats Secure Digital (SD), MS, MMC, xD, SDHC
Design Stylish all-in-one design
PC free printing
Wide choice of slideshow mode
Auto orientation sensor
Illuminated Sony logo
Functions and Features USB connector
Multi card slot
Quick and easy share
Alarm clock mode
On/off timer
Remote control

Praktica DF1.7 Acrylic Digital Photo Frame

Praktica the technological brand has introduced Praktica DF1.7 Acrylic Digital Photo Frame with a brilliant finish and makes it all the more user friendly with the remote control operation. The perfect comment would be smart and simple which is explained better in the following review.


With a host of convenient features this model ensures the best in looks, features and operation. The size of 7 inches makes it suitable for installing it on the table or any shelf. It gives a decent vision of the images even at a reasonable distance. The finish is clear acrylic with the curved edges that enhances the design.

Technical Aspects:

Praktica DF1.7 Acrylic TFT LCD Digital Photo Frame gives out the functions of image display, calendar and clock display. The operations are with the control buttons which are present on the rear side. The front frame has a clear finish with just the sensor for remote control. This makes it much more stylish. The remote control is quiet handy and it gives the operations so easy to set the play, pause, forward, backward and also makes it easy to adjust the brightness and contrast levels.

Memory – This model has a built-in memory of 128MB which stores enough pictures for the instant use. It shows support to memory cards and the multi card compatibility makes it interesting for the user to load it up with desirable number of pictures. The supported memory cards are SD, MMC and MS memory cards.

Display – The display quality is TFT LCD screen with a high resolution which makes brings life to the pictures.

File Formats – The various supported file formats are for the image or the picture display which are JPEG and BMP. This covers most of the images and also displays in the good resolution that is impressive.

System Requirement – More so it shows compatibility with the operating system of Windows ME/2000/XP/Vista.

Product Features:

The principle behind the intelligent performance is its features that talk more on the quality of the product. This model results in a harmonious concept and the maximum extraction of this frame are discussed in this section.

  • Static image or Photo slide show with speed adjustment allows the user to set the interval of the slide show along with the transition effect.
  • Zoom functions are available to detail out certain pictures and for better definition. It can be set at the desired levels.
  • Brightness and contrast adjustment makes the necessary changes to the pictures even when the click of the picture is not professional.
  • Calendar and clock functions are added ones which makes it complete for the use on the home or office tables.


Praktica DF1.7 Remote Control Digital Photo Frame is compatible with the USB interface which allows you to transfer the files from and to other devices with the help of the cord. The package contents are along with the frame the supplied accessories are the instruction manual, remote control, USB cable and the AC adapter.

Praktica DF1.7  Specifications

Manufacturer Praktica
Model Name DF1.7 Acrylic Digital Photo Frame
Colour/Finish Clear Acrylic
Built-in memory 128MB
Display screen size 7 inches
Screen type TFT LCD screen
Remote operation Yes
Controls Yes
Power adapter Corded
Interface USB
Supported media card formats Secure Digital (SD), MS, MMC
Supported file formats JPEG, BMP
Functions and Features Static image or Photo slide show with speed adjustment
zoom functions
Brightness and contrast adjustment
Built-in memory
Calendar and clock functions
Package Contents Instruction manual, remote control, USB cable and AC adapter